Σκύλοι Μοτίβο 1 Σκύλοι Μοτίβο 2

Positioned on either side of Alcinous palace's entrance are four remarkable dogs. These exquisite creations are the work of the skilled god Hephaestus, showcasing his artistry and craftsmanship. These dogs, crafted with exceptional detail, stand as eternal sentinels, diligently guarding the palace day and night. Their presence embodies both protection and the divine craftsmanship of the gods. Not only they symbolize protection, but also the strength that resides within every woman. As you wear the "DOGS" swimsuit, you become a living canvas, a testament to the harmonious balance between power and grace. The interplay of colors mirrors the delicate dance of yin and yang, illustrating that within every woman lies a wellspring of strength and a reservoir of femininity.

Μάτια & Δάκρυα Μοτίβο 1 Μάτια & Δάκρυα Μοτίβο 2

Calypso, a beautiful and strong goddess welcomed Odysseus to her island. She cared for him, offering him hospitality. Calypso even had the intention of making Odysseus immortal and eternally youthful if he chose to remain with her. However, despite her kindness and allure, he spent his days in sorrow. Odysseus wept and soaked the divine garments she gave him with his tears, as he pined for his lost home and family. The "EYES & TEARS" pattern draws inspiration from his emotional voyage, crafting intricate shapes reminiscent of eyes that have witnessed both splendor and sorrow. Tear-like motifs cascade delicately, a tangible representation of his inner yearning and the depths of his solitude. The pattern becomes a vessel for your own introspection, a reminder that even in the face of captivating beauty, the call of one's true path and identity remains unwavering.

Φεγγάρι & Ήλιος Μοτίβο 1 Φεγγάρι & Ήλιος Μοτίβο 2

As Odysseus gazes at the grandeur of Alcinous' palace, he is struck by the radiant light emanating from within. The palace is described as having a luminosity akin to both the moon and the sun. This description emphasizes the palace's extraordinary and divine appearance, highlighting its majestic and awe-inspiring nature. The "MOON & SUN" pattern weaves threads of moonlight and sunlight together, creating an intricate tapestry that mirrors the radiance that danced before Odysseus' eyes. The pattern encapsulates the palace's dual nature – an opulent realm that marries the soft, tranquil glow of the moon with the fiery, invigorating radiance of the sun. The interplay of light and dark is a metaphorical embrace of life's contrasts.

Κεραυνοί Μοτίβο 1

Odysseus, shipwrecked by a raging storm, found himself stranded on the mystical island of Ogygia. For seven arduous years, he navigated the turbulent waters of captivity, bound by the enchanting nymph Calypso's desires. Crafted with intricate strokes, the "THUNDER" pattern mirrors the tumultuous seas that both tested and forged Odysseus' mettle. Experience the allure of the "THUNDER" pattern – a wearable testament to the human spirit's ability to weather life's storms and emerge stronger, much like the indomitable Odysseus himself.