Rhapsody C’, of Penelope’s suitors, becomes the source of inspiration and an ode to the modern woman, through patterns, colors and textures that embrace the female silhouette with femininity, elegance and confidence, under the love summer light.

The quest for the familiar in the lines of Odyssey is transformed into an amazing colorful surprise with patterns and designs that are covered in light and emotions that reveal the multi-dimensional nature of the modern woman and the lyrics of an irresistible sensation under the sun and the cools salty Greek waves.

The gold that Nestor offered to the goddess, melts into the colors and patterns that are wrapped around the female silhouette, revealing the mystery of woman nature, the unique confidence and the inside light of a modern Penelope.

The light of the dawn of Rhapsody C’, is transformed into colors, patterns and high aesthetic creations, which illustrate perfectly the multi-dimensional nature of the attractive and always elegant modern woman, designed for the summer of the new decade that is about to welcome love.