The patterns

The Rhapsody of the Suitors in Odysseus’s Palace, becomes the cause for the unravelling of a series of wonderful patterns in motives that are inspired by the enchanting personality of Penelope and celebrate love, elegance and femininity.

The omen of the battle of the two Eagles which symbolized the return of Odysseus to his beloved Ithaca, is transformed into colors, patterns and textures that whirl around the summertime aura, embrace the female silhouette with femininity and confidence and illuminate her with gazes full of lust and admiration.

The Goddess Athena disguises herself as a Mentor in order to prepare and advise Tilemachos and is transformed into a playful pattern that combines magic with mystery and illustrates perfectly the multidimensional nature of the modern woman.

The myth of Penelope, who weaves and unravels in order to delay the Suitors while waiting for her beloved, inspires patterns covered in light, that are interlaced on a Loom of emotions and colors and create light haute couture outfits for a summer that is about to welcome love.